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Goris & Partners are an independent consultant with more than 10 years experience advising institutional clients on strategy and execution. We offer expertise and vast experience with financial markets and providers of financial products and services. Our firm has an excellent network and access to all leading asset managers, custodians and other financial service providers.

Based on this expertise we assist clients with organisational changes such as restructuring or outsourcing and complex investment processes. In addition, we help clients gain a better insight into their investment management, enable them to control their investments and service providers and ensure a thorough risk management.

Our consultants have significant expertise and experience regarding pension matters and asset management. Because our consultants are active in both the pension industry and in asset management we are familiar with both sides of the spectrum. In addition, most of our consultants have experience as board members of pension funds or are active in a supervisory capacity to pension funds. 

Goris & Partners has an extensive network of local and international advisers in the pension fund industry, asset management and financial services. Consequently, clients have access to a wide range of specialists complementary to Goris & Partners. To its clients Goris & Partners will, however, always remain the primary point of contact and ultimately responsible.

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